Make Life Fun and Rewarding

We find people great jobs.

And use recruiting for good collaboratively to reward people who make referrals to help us fund the Beauty Bus; travel to see the world.

Use Recruiting for Good


Candidates allow us to represent them for great jobs.

Clients send us open jobs to retain us for recruiting services.

Community (people) who make referrals, help us use recruiting to fund the Beauty Bus; earn travel rewards.

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Our services

Recruiting Since 1998
We continue to exceed our clients' expectations, by finding great candidates.
Building Community
We develop meaningful relationships with people who love to help fund causes.
Meaningful Service
We are selective about which companies; we recruit for and serve. We share similar values.
Flexible Services
We support our clients' hiring needs by providing; full-time, contract to hire and cotract placement services.
Focus on Sourcing
We partner with Login Consulting; so that we can spend time developing candidates for companies.
Enjoy Life for Good!
We reward people who help us make a difference travel to see the world for good.

helping others


Imagine if everyone had fun making a difference

....we created a rewarding good travel service to do just that.....

We use our recruiting talent (to generate proceeds for good) people who make referrals; earn fun travel rewards.


We work with clients that care about making a difference. Together we inspire participation in the community, and reward people who make a difference; fun travel experiences.