They Make Us Great

The following are people and partners who help us convey our message+place people+rescue pets!


Recruiting Partner Login Consulting

They provide all the logistical back office support to make consulting, pay-rolling,

and invoicing clients possible. Because of their support, we are free to make a

greater difference and invest more time on Recruiting for Good by finding and

connecting great talent to companies.


Motion Image Video + WEBISODE STUDIO INC. + Elayne Laken 

Elayne is pregnant, and soon will be a mother. She also owns a Great Dane.

We thank Elayne for being able to convey our inspiring message through video.

She was creative, refreshingly honest and transparent. She delivered a fantastic

product. We felt her loving care, and are grateful for her contribution.


Graphic Design Nadine G. Messier

She Inspired Recruiting for Good to Fundraise for Pets too!

Nadine loves her cat and her boyfriend too (he is in IT@USC). 

Nadine ex-New Yorker, has the passion without the edginess of working

with creative types. She is a delightful resource and her ability to design

our collateral products to support our message has been great. She visually

designed our PowerPoint and Keynote presentation. She also designed our

send outs and is currently working on our Thank You postcards. Strong

customer service and creative skills, she will not disappoint you.


Copy Writing + Daniel Ferszt 

A great husband, father and provider who puts family first. The written word

is such an effective way to convey your message. Daniel is creative, inspirational

and clear. His messages evoke passion, clarity and laughter. He has created some

really funny ADS for us, developed a letter to invite friends and family to participate

in Recruiting for Good and is a resource that inspires us to continue developing

projects to keep him busy. 


Voice Over Specialist Cristina Sasso

Her voice has given new life to Recruiting for Good, she is the voice

(the passionate presenter) in all our motion graphic videos and voice mail.

Her voice connects our audience to our mission; encouraging people

to participate and change their world. Her voice represents all

that is good in the world: energy, excitement, love, and reflects

our inner drive to serve moms, friends, clients, candidates, and pets too! 

Web/Logo Design Zebrus Studio Andrew Danylchenko

Problem + No Problem, Andrew is a No Problem get it done on time

and under budget web solution. We have been lucky to have Andrew

in our lives. He has been a resource for over 10 years. He designed

all of our logos and websites. He has produced so many variations  

that it gives us an opportunity to pick one that works the best. Andrew

is best at finding what you need and following through to get it done.

Inspiration To do

Have Fun for Good….Start Today